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The 4 best ways to announce a surprise trip

Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other reason, offering a surprise trip to a loved one is the assurance of giving them a present they won’t forget. For a weekend, a week, or even longer, that person will go through experiences that their brain was not prepared for. A critical moment comes to prepare this memory factory, it is the moment when you will announce the details of the gift to him. Generally, we will indicate at least that it is a trip, and you can decide to keep the destination secret until the last minute. To help you make this announcement the most memorable moment possible, we offer 4 ideas to offer your surprise trip.

During a romantic meal

You have prepared everything on your side. It all starts with the idea of ​​the gift, the search for the destination and the reservation by discreetly locking yourself in the office, simply pretending to have to work more to organize a surprise weekend with this site. In order to offer your gift in the most beautiful setting, you have decided to also prepare a surprise romantic meal. Whether at home or in the restaurant, it will have the effect of a double surprise. Your half will be thrilled in this suspended moment. This will be the perfect time to draw the dream vacation that awaits.

By taking it to the airport or train station

Another option: do not tell him anything at all and place the person in front of the fait accompli. All you have to do is book a taxi or drive directly to the starting point of the trip. It is when you arrive at the airport or train station that your loved one will understand that something is happening that is beyond them. Better, he will still not know the destination!

Be careful though, you will have to plan to prepare your luggage discreetly, making sure not to forget anything important.

Back from work

When we come home from work, we are generally in a little routine. We go through the front door, take off our shoes and sit down for a few minutes. We don’t expect our schedule to suddenly be disrupted by some great travel news.

To seize the opportunity, all you have to do is say a few banalities such as “did your day go well? “, ” what do you want to eat tonight ? “. Then, suddenly announce, “by the way, we are going to Greece this weekend”. The surprise will only be greater.

trip home from work

In a gift box

Who says surprise trip says gift. So why not go back to the classics by ‘wrapping up’ the invitation. This can take various forms:

  • A train or plane ticket
  • A hotel reservation
  • A map showing the journey ahead
  • An object that symbolizes the destination (a pair of sunglasses, a small parasol, a miniature Eiffel Tower, etc.)

There will be a little flutter moment as your unwraps the paper and tries to figure out what it is before his eyes light up.

Once the meaning of the gift is understood, all you have to do is give the last details of the date or present the surprise trip project in more detail.



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